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About The Programme

A four week programme aimed at solving two key problems providing industry experience and exposure for entry level talent.

Our programme is targeted at young people from the ages of 16-23. It is during this period that they have to start making life changing career decisions.

01. Pay It Forward

Invest in the future of the creative industry by sharing your experience with those
starting out.

02. Diversity and Inclusion

Identity Creates ensures representation of all backgrounds in order to promote better interactions, decisions and outcomes.

03. Access to Immersion Talent

Our programme brings together young talents which provides your company with a pool for recruitment and brand awareness.

Why Work With Us

Feedback on Ideas and Projects
Confidence Building
Presentation Skills
Insight into the Creative Industry
Career Advice

What Students Benefit From... 

Why We Do This

Our motivation is to expose secondary, college and university students to practical work experience in the industry so as to improve their ability to make suitable career decisions and enhance their employability.

Identity Creates provides interface between entry-level creatives and companies in the creative industry
If you are a school or company and would like to discuss running a programme:
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