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Founded in 2019, we originally started as an entry-level platform for creatives. We identified a problem in the creative industry which was the difficulty for entry-level creatives to gain access and opportunities in the industry and monetise their talents without having  prior experience or contacts.

As a result of this, we set up a platform that helped creatives gain access, opportunities and jobs. We did this by hosting curated industry events, 1:1 workshops and work experience programmes that opened doors for 100's of entry level creatives to get their foot into the door and scale up in their careers. ​

During 2019-2021 we grew our community to over 1,000 creatives. We created a system for the community by the community, it is a system that is able to give back and raise new leaders in the creative space. 


While building this creative community, we evolved into a group which now consists of an Agency, Entry-level platform and Talent Management arm. ​

What Makes Us Different

What makes us different as an agency, is our ability to leverage creativity and diversity of talent from our community.

We are able to invite our creative community into the delivery of client projects, giving them further exposure and job opportunities. This allows us as an agency to access diverse thinking and creativity, which enables us to provide a unique strategy and approach to each client.

Not one client receives the same strategy, branding, design or marketing because we are able to combine diverse minds for a strong creative output.  

Furthermore, we understand your audience because we are your audience. With a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable creatives,  we understand your

 industry, know what's current and use it to elevate your brand. 








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