Let time begin!

IdentityCreates aims to hone in on why it is important to know who you are and have an identity because through that, will birth purpose. IdentityCreates gives you a reason to live; a reason for your existence and what you are to do in life. Without a purpose, all one will be do is exist and not live! 

My journey started 4 years ago when I realised I was studying a degree that I was unhappy and miserable in. Don’t get me wrong, Architecture is an amazing field to be in but it just wasn’t for me! I knew that I loved design, people and bringing what they had in their head to life - I just didn’t know what to call how I felt. 

After I finished my degree (part 1 of my architectural qualification), I took a year out to do some soul searching; to find myself, my interests, passions and where it lied. Long story short, BRANDING was what I always wanted to do but didn’t know that it had a name till I actually researched about what was in my head. 

What I’m trying to say from sharing all this is, you shouldn’t wait to make a change in your life! The MINUTE you feel and get that clarification that where you are is where you shouldn’t be, get out of there! You are not too young to know what you want out of life and even if you don’t know, don’t be scared to jump! 

You will be grateful in the long run when you find yourself on the road, lane and in the field that you should have been in from the beginning. 

Don’t wait, just DO! Time to begin!

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